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Witness Catholic Identity

St. Augustine

Develop the Whole Person

St. Augustine

Value each Individual

St. Augustine

Seek Justice and Serve Others


Pursue Excellence


Collaborate and Share Responsibility

Edmund Rice Schools

An Edmund Rice Christian
Brother education provides
Catholic and non-Catholic
families a rigorous educational
experience grounded
in faith and service. Guided by
the Essential Elements of a
Christian Brother Education,
Edmund Rice schools evoke a
deep awareness of God’s
loving presence as they
have for over 200 years.

Advocacy Network News EREBB Prayers and Reflection

Read the latest NorAm Newsletter to learn about Advocacy and Immersion Experiences in Perú. Find out what the Christian Brother school in South America are doing to be advocates for those made poor in the world.

International Congress: Educating and Encountering Humanity

  • Click here to read important information about the Congress.

Lead School Priorities and Resources

Please click here to learn about EREBB Lead School Priorities and access resource links for Global Education and Advocacy.

Sister Ona Bessette, CND; and three of our Network principals attended the EREBB Lead School Conference in South Africa in October. Click here to read the report about this exciting initiative.

Schools for the World ENews.

Click here for the March 2016 Newsletter and learn what is happening all over the World.

Learn about initiatives in Edmund Rice schools all over the world through Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders